About the book

cover-frontShortly after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, Dale made the decision to share his journey on Facebook.  An unusual choice perhaps, but he never once regretted it.  For the most part he posted daily, sometimes he just gave the facts around the day’s happenings, his protocols and medical information.  If that’s all there was to this story I can assure you it would not have gone to print.  Dale had an extraordinary amount of wisdom to share and so many of his writings were extremely thought provoking, and based on the response from his “followers” it was very well received.  I promised to make the book a reality and to add my experiences to it.  I periodically posted things about our situation on Facebook however I was far too busy to do so on a regular basis.  And, I felt the need to keep some of my feelings to myself, at least for the time being.

The following is an excerpt:

Dale – January 14, 2016

Short update on condition: Lost a few more pounds (I even looked under the bed, in case) but feeling good still, food is moving through and that’s encouraging. Had a marvelous energy treatment from Chris E. today. If you have an energy imbalance, you really should see her. Going to see Shaman Pete tonight for his talk and group session. Feeling positive.

On another note, I’ve been struggling with the whole idea of “fighting” cancer. I’ve always been morally opposed to the concept of doing things “for cancer” (run, walk, ride, etc.) but I find myself thinking deeply on the subject of even being against cancer. After all, what is cancer? In my view, it all boils down to this: Cancer (diagnosed or not) is my body giving me notice that something is not right at some level in me, and I’m not dealing effectively with that thing.  We all have cancer cells in our body at any given time, but if conditions become optimal, tumours form. What optimizes conditions? Too many toxins (environmental, food related, alcohol, etc.), and unresolved emotional and spiritual trauma (because that lowers immunity). So, fighting cancer is kind of like shooting the messenger. If I’ve got stuff to deal with, I’d rather know and have the opportunity to change something. So I’m thanking this tumour for the opportunity to make a change before it’s too late. I’m thanking this tumour for the opportunity to see how loved I am, while I’m still here. I’m thanking this tumour for waking me up. I’m thanking this tumour for the opportunity to do something meaningful, that I believe in. And I’m thanking all of you for your steadfast support and kinder words than I ever expected to hear.